Dr. John Jackson

President, William Jessup University

Dr. John Jackson has been married for over 40 years, has five children and three grandchildren, and has helped literally thousands of people navigate the college selection process. Dr. Jackson serves as the President of a leading University (www.jessup.edu), and has been a pastor and non-profit leader for over 40 years. Dr. Jackson has a PhD and MA from the University of California at Santa Barbara, an MA from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a BA from Chapman University. He has authored books on leadership and transformation, including The Prevailing Church, The Right Choice, Pastorpreneur, & Leveraging your Leadership Style.


Religious Freedom and Righteousness in 21st Century America

Something has changed in the atmosphere in the United States. We feel it in our politics, we sense it in our schools and neighborhoods, and even experience it in our churches. Polarization and demonization are now so commonplace in the politics and social media exchange of our day so as to be normative.

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