Matt Cole

Executive Vice President, Head of Investment Office & Global Fixed Income at Strive Asset Management

Matt Cole is the Head of Strive Asset Management’s Investment Office & Global Fixed Income. Matt is the Portfolio Manager for Strive’s existing passive equity ETFs and will be the lead portfolio manager of Strive’s upcoming actively managed ETF portfolios. Prior to joining Strive, Matt was a Portfolio Manager at CalPERS, where he oversaw more than $70 billion in actively managed and beta replicating Fixed Income portfolios. During his 16 years at CalPERS, the actively managed portfolios Matt directed were among the best performing in the investment industry and did not underperform their benchmark in any single year.


Voting With Your Wallet

When political decisions are forced upon America through corporations, democracy is frayed. As a Christian, it’s been painfully obvious as we’ve watched our corporations become America’s 4th branch of government. What could not be accomplished through democracy, has been forced upon Americans through corporations that often mandate behaviors and censor citizens in ways that are at odds with Christian values.

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