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We believe in supporting, defending, and equipping pastors and clergy to fulfill their calling.

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Resources to Equip you to talk about Culture

We know talking about politics, culture, and societal issues can be daunting from the pulpit. We will give you the tools and resources you need to do it legally and effectively.

Biblical Citizenship Study for Your Church
Sermons on Cultural Issues
Voter & Election Resources  

Access to our Major Events & Conferences

The Foundation and our partners host conferences and events throughout the year that are meant to equip the follower of Jesus. Pastors in our pastoral network get discounts and access that no one else gets.

Faith Impact Conference w. Lisa Bevere
The American Council Gala w. Gov. Mike Huckabee
Faith Summit Luncheon w. Speakers & Resources

Providing you with insights on Religion in America

As a pastor, knowing the state of faith and religion in your community, state, and this nation will help you navigate your outreach strategies.

Access to Polling & Research Studies
Monthly Newsletter with Insights & Findings
and much more! 

Host a Biblical Citizenship Study

The Foundation has produced a wonderful video study on how to be a Biblically-engaged citizen in America.

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